Accomplishments and Goals



Through housing, feeding, mentoring, and managing men struggling with addictions, Project Rescue is positively impacting the Opioid Epidemic!

We are impacting families by caring for grandsons, sons, dads, husbands, and brothers.

We are impacting businesses by reducing crime and helping their employees to be reliable workers.

We are impacting government, as we lighten the load upon our Criminal Justice, Health Care and Social Services agencies!



Our Board of Directors has a vast & diverse experience to set our policies.

Our Executive Committee (Joe Drake, Cecil Green and Ray Solley) have the business and life experience to oversee the daily management.

Our board chairman, Charles Baggett adds his experience from serving 23 years as the Chaplain for Limestone Prison in Alabama!

Ronnie Crocker, our Program Manager, has spent 30 years rescuing & mentoring addicts. Four more of our staff members are our 1-year graduates. They know the deceptiveness that accompanies addiction.



Project Rescue’s success rate has substantially increased over the past 7 years.

Since January of 2011, we rescued 218 men from addiction (as of January 1, 2018).

At this time, we have 13 program members residing in our apartments and participating in our recovery program.

Ninety-Three of the 218 men who entered our care are continuing on the road of recovery (42.66% success rate).

Thirty-Two out of 48 members who completed 6-months in our program are continuing successfully (66.66% success rate).

Regarding the members who graduated our 1-year program, 26 out of 31 are continuing (83.87% success rate).

The way we measure the success of our program members is fluid: If a previous member relapses (turns back to drugs), he goes into a negative column. If/When he picks himself up and re-enters the road of recovery, he goes back into the success column.


Our goals and objectives

Project Rescue’s objective is for our members to achieve stabilization, self-control, assimilation, and self-preservation.  

1. We use the first 30 to 90 days to help each man achieve mental & emotional stabilization.

2. We require that he learns and begins to apply the spiritual principles (Bible & 12 Steps) that will equip him to abstain from alcohol & drugs.

3. After each man is stabilized, we help him assimilate back into society by helping him find a job he likes where he can earn a good living.

One objective is for our members to have a strong relationship with God and become involved in the fellowship and work of the church.

Another goal is for each member to become financially independent of his family, driving his own vehicle and providing for his own needs.


our Relapse prevention strategy

The Project Rescue Addiction Recovery Program uses proven relapse strategies: 

We extract the addicted man from his negative environment and insert him into a positive one in our apartments.

We separate the member from his phone and number.  His travel and social activities are restricted. 

He is not allowed to have access to cash for 90 days.  

He is not allowed to befriend women for his first 6 months.

He is required to submit to random alcohol & drug tests. 

For his second six months, he is given significant freedoms as a test.

His second six months is also a time to prepare to graduate and leave the protective support structure of Project Rescue.

  1. To avoid relapse, want the member to feel like he is living in an apartment in his last months with us.

  2. He needs to become more involved in his congregation, because his church will take over his support when he moves home.

  3. He needs to replicate the accountability structure he has in the program.  He should work on finding an accountability friend outside of Project Rescue.  It needs to be someone he respects and trusts.  it should not be a close family member.  This will be the person who drug tests him..


Our Financial Accountability Measures

Jeanie Crocker is our bookkeeper.  A local accounting firm continually monitors our financial income & expenses and prepares our 990 form for the IRS. 

Our Executive Committee can watch, in real time, all the activities of our bookkeeper through QuickBooks Online. 

We have a policy of having two signers on our checks.