Letter from Addict in Relapse

Dear kind and giving hearts who still love me,

Please remember, when I am in relapse, I am not evil, but I am very sick! 

Also know there are times WHEN HELPING HURTS:

Please do not give me money.  I am an addict, and for me, money is like gasoline on a fire.

When I come to your home for a visit, please hide all your medicine.  I will take it.

Watch your jewelry and small expensive items.  I will take and trade them for drugs.

When I am homeless, please don’t let me move in with you.  I will destroy your home life.  I need a recovery program!

There are times when helping hurts!

Please watch your credit cards.  I will use them for purchases and cash, and return them before you know it.  Or, I will take a picture of your card and use it online or sell it to my drug dealer.

Please do not let me use your smart phone or computer.  I will buy things on your Amazon and App accounts and have them mailed to another address.

Do not co-sign for a vehicle or sell me a vehicle with weekly payments.  I will trash the car or let a drug dealer use it in exchange for drugs.

Don’t invest in my business ideas.  Do not partner with me in business.  I will embezzle the profits for drugs.

There are times when helping hurts!

If I get locked up, please do not bond me out, unless you’re taking me straight to a drug program.

Do not help me with my criminal charges, unless it is to get me court ordered to a drug program.  

If you hire an attorney, have him/her represent you, not me.  I am good at manipulating my way out of consequences, and the attorney is required to do what I want.

When I am in a drug program, and call you to come get me, please don’t come.  Remind me I am where I need to be.

Please don’t fall for my promises of doing better with your help.  I need professional help.

There are times when helping hurts!