PR Rules

One of the main things a recovering addict needs to learn, is to live within the parameters presented to him.  He must learn to respect and submit to authority.  We want prospective members to know our rules.  This is why they are listed below.

1. If you are aware of someone having alcohol and/or drugs on our property, and do not let us know, you are just as guilty as the member who has it.
2. No Hemp seeds or anything else that might hinder a drug test. 
3. No Energy drinks. 
4. No vitamins, pills or drinks that increase energy or give a boost. 
5. Synthetic drugs, plants, etc. carry the same consequence as real illegal drugs. 
6. No cash in possession (same as relapse) 
7. Promptly turn in your paycheck and/or turn in a moneyorder.  
8. If you have your PayCard, you must unload pay on Pay Day (leave $100 on card).  
9. Be on time for classes and leaving for church.  
10. Be on time for your 1-on-1 sessions.  
11. Members here less than 6 months are only allowed to use their vehicles for work and church.  
12. Keep apartment clean, take out garbage, no dishes in sink, no personal items in common areas.  
13. Keep thermostat on 72 or above for cooling and 74 or below for heat.  
14. Lights and Television must be off when you are out of your apartment.
15. Curfew time for those before 6-months 9pm during week & 10pm weekends.  
16. Curfew time for those after 6-months 9pm during week & 11pm on weekends.  
17.  Come for meds immediately after the evening class.  
18. On Saturdays and Sundays, only call Ronnie when you need something.  
19. No one allowed in the dorm except those who live there.  
20. Do not enter someone else’s apartment without permission and unless someone is home.  
21. Smoking allowed only in Smoke pits.  
22. No Vaping around apartments, MAC or in vehicles.  
23. No smoking, Vaping, Chewing on church property.  
24. No Chewing in classes.  
25. No going outside in between church services.  
26. Must shave and take shower every day.  
27. No stock piling (saving) medication. If you do not take it, give it back to Kim.  
28. Do not share prescription medicines. Keep your medicines out of sight.  
29. No keeping over the counter medicines in your room, without permission.  
30. If before 6-months, get verbal permission to leave property.  
31. Get verbal permission to go to the doctor.  
32. Do not get paper prescriptions. Have prescriptions called into Priceville Pill Box. You are Not allowed to pick up your prescription.  
33. Members under 6-months are not allowed on the internet (social media, email, etc.) unless they get permission. Even after you get your own phone after 90 days internet not allowed.  
34. Do not delete anything from your phone without permission.  
35. Members under 6-months cannot have friendships with women in any manner. 
36. Members are typically not allowed to have overnight visits until they reach 6-months.
37. Members who are off A to B must let Ronnie know verbally ahead of time, if to be out past 12am. 
38. Text A to B, Cecil, Ronnie, Jason and Beau, when you travel from one place to another.  
39. Our vehicles are always under A to B.  
40. All members must get verbal permission ahead of time to drive our vehicles.  
41. Notify Ronnie if you are taking off work.  
42. Notify Ronnie if you need to miss a church service.  
43. Members are not allowed to sell or trade items to one another.  
44. Members must get verbal permission ahead of time to do paid work for another member.  
45. Members must remain on our 19 acres when walking and/or getting exercise.