our Relapse prevention strategy

The Project Rescue Addiction Recovery Program uses proven relapse strategies: 

We extract the addicted man from his negative environment and insert him into a positive one in our apartments.

We separate the member from his phone and number.  His travel and social activities are restricted. 

He is not allowed to have access to cash for 90 days.  

He is not allowed to befriend women for his first 6 months.

He is required to submit to random alcohol & drug tests. 

For his second six months, he is given significant freedoms as a test.

His second six months is also a time to prepare to graduate and leave the protective support structure of Project Rescue.

  1. To avoid relapse, want the member to feel like he is living in an apartment in his last months with us.

  2. He needs to become more involved in his congregation, because his church will take over his support when he moves home.

  3. He needs to replicate the accountability structure he has in the program.  He should work on finding an accountability friend outside of Project Rescue.  It needs to be someone he respects and trusts.  it should not be a close family member.  This will be the person who drug tests him..