Project Rescue’s success rate has substantially increased over the past 7 years.

Since January of 2011, we rescued 218 men from addiction (as of January 1, 2018).

At this time, we have 13 program members residing in our apartments and participating in our recovery program.

Ninety-Three of the 218 men who entered our care are continuing on the road of recovery (42.66% success rate).

Thirty-Two out of 48 members who completed 6-months in our program are continuing successfully (66.66% success rate).

Regarding the members who graduated our 1-year program, 26 out of 31 are continuing (83.87% success rate).

The way we measure the success of our program members is fluid: If a previous member relapses (turns back to drugs), he goes into a negative column. If/When he picks himself up and re-enters the road of recovery, he goes back into the success column.